Legende Einhorn Amellina



Amellina Einhorn

The legend of the unicorn Amellina

It's strange how many powerful leaders can get heated by unicorns.

There are wonderful stories to tell from Amellina. But someone who did not deal with the matter in more detail, immediately only remembered the state crisis of the time. But that too got lost over time, so we want to tell you about what everyone was talking about back then.

Amellina was spotted briefly - sometimes here and there. Sometimes in Spain, sometimes in France, sometimes in Germany, sometimes in Austria, sometimes in Italy. And each of these countries insisted on honoring the unicorn Amellina as a citizen and claiming it exclusively for itself. She even has a passport and an honorary citizenship from Andorra. This time went down in history as the great unicorn state crisis - and rarely before have the diplomats in these areas been so bad at one another.


"Anyone who does not recognize her unmistakably typical Italian grace is, I say it loud and clear, a stupid person!"



The unicorn arbitration authority was founded from this time and precisely because of this crisis. After Amellina was found there to be officially independent, irreconcilable and only belonged to the unicorns, the arbitration board had the French king at the time bribe (so it is said) to give her the - official - nickname "with Parisian chic". This was justified with the tousled short mane of Amellina, which was then as now as somehow Parisian. However, there was no further evidence to support this thesis, such as a particular preference for French forests or the mushrooms that grow there in particular. That is why the officially assigned nickname triggered a storm of indignation that lasted for a few more years, but when Amellina suddenly came from Hungary and Greece, the whole thing became too stupid for the kings and diplomats and the files were closed and the dispute forgotten . Nevertheless - Amellina has since then had its own unofficial epithet among the local unicorn researchers in each country. So it is the unicorn with the "typical Austrian accent", the unicorn with the "unmistakably Greek nose", the unicorn with the "obviously Spanish fire" - and so on. Officially, even if this is how the nickname came about under unexplained circumstances, she is the "unicorn with Parisian chic".



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