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Lullabee Einhorn

The legend of the unicorn Lullabee

It took a long time before science could clearly clarify what exactly "Lullabee" means.

In the language of the forest rangers, especially the fairytale forest rangers, Lullabee has always been a term. When a "Lullabee" was found at a certain point in the forest, people would make a pilgrimage in masses to carefully marvel at it before wind and nature erase the work of art from the present.

There are then many small stones that are carefully aligned on the ground and form strange signs and patterns. There is a heap of twigs here, a heap of earth there, in between carefully stacked leaves of the forest, berries and much more. Everything as if made by magic - but the hoof prints on the ground speak a clear language.


"Come and see it before the wind blows! Behind that hill lies a Lullabee of unseen grace!"



To this day, nobody knows exactly what all of this means - and whether it has any meaning at all. However, this thesis, namely that it must have a deeper meaning, comes from recognized mathematicians of the world who seem to have found something here, but do not yet know what exactly it is. It seems to be clearly related to mathematics, but it is a different kind of mathematics than what any human mind has ever classified.

At the time of the Middle Ages it was still thought that such a "Lullabee" simply shows how playful unicorns can be. But today we know that it is more about conscientious creative work, in which shapes and colors have a special meaning - and the unicorn with this name now also stands for that.



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