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Matinka Einhorn

The legend of the unicorn Matinka

For a long time, Matinka was one of the most famous and sought-after unicorns. That was in the era when the saying circulated among people who were newly in love and also newly married people "whoever sees a unicorn in this flower will never lose their happiness together, not even in a thousand years".

And so many couples often wandered through the forest for days and nights, at least to see the shadow of a unicorn scurrying past.

But although, as we know, unicorns love people, they shy away from them. Why this is so is also told in the sagas of Matinka, but we want to dedicate ourselves to Matinka here.

Even though they are very big and strong, unicorns are often so light-footed that it is almost impossible to find their tracks. Therefore, for a long time the unicorn sighting was focused on the unicorn Matinka, because it had a very special feature. And there was even the chance to see two unicorns at once!

Matinka is the only unicorn that you definitely know that she likes to have flowers in her hair. One of the legends also tells of a male unicorn, her admirer, who constantly and tirelessly sticks new flowers into her mane, as these sometimes fall out when galloping.


"Follow the flowers and you will be happy together until your end," shouted the prince's brother.


Once, when the prince's brother himself got lost deep in the forest and had been wandering through unknown territory for many days, he suddenly found fresh flowers scattered among the trees. These couldn't have got there by themselves. And so he thought he was probably not too far from civilization. He joyfully followed the flowers that formed a path, like a sign to redemption. Because the prince brother was already on the verge of despair and had already given himself up to the idea of ​​never getting out of the forest alive again. And what he then saw changed his life. He, who never gave a thought to unicorns because his thoughts mainly revolved around which part of the kingdom should actually belong to him (he was in relentless dispute with his younger brother, who was preferred as heir to the throne), glanced at him for a brief moment a clearing came, the unicorn Matinka. He saw her turn around briefly, smile at him with incomparable charm - and then disappear again just as quickly.

It is not known exactly what went through his head in detail, only a few descriptions of the prince brother have survived. But after this meeting he walked through the forest like the bravest prince in the world undeterred and without fear or worry. "Come what may, luck or misfortune, the way it will happen, then it is good," he thought (The legend of Matinka, Chapter 4, The Metamorphosis). He walked through the forest like this for three more days until he was back in front of the walls of his city. What happened next can also be found in the legend of Matinka: he fell in love shortly afterwards, got married, and entered the history books of that time with the title "happiest prince the world has ever seen", although he was only the actual prince's brother was and soon relinquished his share of the inheritance carefree and generously - and lived happily in a small country house until the end of his life.

His numerous children inherited, expanded and bequeathed his extensive collection of scientific books and unique manuscripts on unicorns, which at that time formed the basis for later research into legends. According to his information, the picture of Matinka has also come down to us and emerged directly from his numerous sketches without major deviations.



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