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The legend og the unicorn Tillabee

You don't know exactly in which country Tillabee is currently, or whether she is anywhere at all. With good nutrition and enough exercise, unicorns can live to be over two thousand years old. But the age of Tillabee is a legend in itself.

In any case, it is certain that the professional world likes to be amazed at this unicorn and also wonders whether it is an exception, or whether unicorns have certain skills that have long been considered impossible.

Tillabee is considered fearless, resilient, self-confident and full of joie de vivre. Nothing could ever bring her out of this sometimes silent, sometimes visible joy. Even if the unicorn life (including that of Tillabee) often had to go through bad periods through the centuries. Just think of the time of the persecutions, when kings offered large sums of money so that a unicorn would finally be caught (which luckily never succeeded). Not to mention the period of the poachers, who did not even want to try to catch a unicorn alive, but who in the end was all about the horn.

The legend, however, which shook the professional world of that time completely, is this:

A long time ago, when the legends about unicorns were still going by mouth to mouth, a piece of rock was found in a forest clearing with strange characters "written" on it. Alchemists and scientists of this time scratched off the smallest traces of this writing and came to an astonishing result. The traces, so it should have been clearly proven with alchemical substances, can only come from the hoof of a unicorn. And everyone knew which unicorn liked to be in this clearing: Tillabee.


"The rock of the Tillabee is without a doubt the greatest discovery of the last five hundred years".


Unfortunately, there are no more records of these signs and, as is well known, the rock was completely destroyed in the fire of the royal treasury. An official sloppiness that has gone down in history as the unicorn official scandal. Only the translation from that time, which was only possible after painstaking detailed work, has been preserved. And this, even considering all other unicorn skills, is quite astonishing. It was already known from other legends that unicorns can worry. But you had no idea how far these thoughts could wander in a unicorn's head and some skeptics were also convinced that it didn't go too far beyond small, primitive melodies or simple sentences with a maximum of three or four words.

The Tillabee saga is not just about whether some unicorns can write something like that, but also about whether they can actually have such thoughts. The more years go by, the more unicorn scientists, especially the younger generation, banish this legend into the field of fairy tales. The "Club of the 24 Elders", which is highly respected in the professional world worldwide, however, which comprises twenty-four of the most renowned and wisest unicorn scientists, has taken up this legend and the translation of that time into the book of Tillabee and emphasizes that one should beware of the more modern research that there is an increasing tendency to question certain legends, to pay too much attention.

And so this is the translation:

The being-on-the-world of the soul of a unicorn is like a day in the life of a child (it means a human child; comment from the translators at the time) that goes out into the garden to experience the world with other children play, laugh, cry, discover life. And in the evening, at the end of the unicorn's life, the child returns home satisfied - to his parents.


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